Shahid Datawala

    "I dropped out of school when I was 18 to pursue a life in art and design and got involved in India’s first design collective People Tree in Delhi. Working with them for seven years, I explored various mediums and techniques within art and design ranging from hand painting on t-shirts, mastering the art of Shibori, natural dying and printing, jewelry-making, paper-making and more.


    The forms in the art I make are mostly organic and graphic with sensual curves. One of the most important aesthetics I keep in mind is to give something which is unused or junked a second life in order to bring it alive in a new light."


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    Shahid Datawala is a self-taught jewelry maker, furniture designer and lens-based artist. A creative tour de force, Datawala’s multi-disciplinary work has been widely exhibited at galleries and festivals across India and globally. His jewelry has been featured in every major Indian fashion and style publication from Vogue, Elle Decor, Marie Claire, Trends, GQ, Harper’s and Femina, and is retailed at prominent high-end boutiques in Mumbai such as Bungalow 8 and Atosa.


    Shahid Datawala was the chief designer for Pallate - a furniture design store in Mumbai, for 7 years. A bold, quirkiness permeates all disciplines of his work giving him a inimitable style that has garnered him many honors including the Elle Decor Designer of the the Year Award 2010 and the Edida Furniture Category Award in 2009 . He is currently working on his next solo exhibition and a series of photography book projects on various aspect of Mumbai. Datawala lives and works in Mumbai.